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Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra


Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra is your key to an adventurous jackpot. Daring Dave is on a quest to explore an ancient pyramid and only you can help him. He encounters evil mummies and fast moving blades on his journey to win huge payouts. Battle thousands of year old phoenixes while you collect winnings and prepare to enter the Golden Jackpot Sanctum.

Daring Dare is much more than a 5 reel, 20 payline online slot game. You'll find yourself in a 3 Episode Bonus Game. You can stop and continue playing from where you left off. This is one of the first slot games with this feature - and you can bet that it will catch on!

Are you ready to play a game where jackpots meet adventures? Don't let Daring Dare down!

Daring Dave's Symbols

Daring Dave is also Wild Dave. He substitutes all symbols except the Bonus Symbol and the Eye of Ra Symbol. Daring Dave is your 5,000 coin jackpot. Match 4 Daring Dave's for 500 coins.

The other symbols of the game are Egyptian phoenixes, a lion and the Winged Sun. The Golden Phoenix is worth 750 coins when matched 5 times and 300 coins when matched 4 times.

The other 2 phoenixes are worth 300 and 500 coins for 5 matches and 150 and 250 coins for 4 matches. The lion and Winged Sun symbols are worth 250 coins for 5 matches.

Dave is Wild!

Help Daring Dave!

When the Phoenix Bonus Symbol appears anywhere on the 1st and 3rd reels, you're on your way to Daring Dave's Quest for the Eye of Ra Bonus. Its a 3 episode bonus packed with tough choices and payouts in every direction.

In each episode, you move deeper into the pyramid and closer to the Eye of Ra. As Episode 1 unfolds, you are standing in an imposing hallway with 8 hieroglyphic stones.

You must find 3 Eye of Ra Stones among the 8. You have only 3 tries to win - so you'd better choose carefully! When you crack the code, you are immediately taken to Episode 2.

Daring Dave's Bonus Game

The Quest for the Eye of Ra - Episode 2

In Episode 2, you find yourself in an imposing room with a large wheel mounted against the back wall.

Every time you enter Episode 2, you are given 3 spins of the wheel. At the end of every spin, you win the accumulated prizes of the 3 pointers that you see on the wheel.

Besides collecting winning (which you're good at!), you need the wheel to land on the 3 Eye of Ra Symbols. Light up the 3 Eyes of Ra, and you've won your way to Episode 3.

The game will remember which pointers are lit, so if you don't make it on your first try, you can complete Episode 2 the next time.

Complete Episode 2!

The Quest for the Eye of Ra - Episode 3

Take a deep breath and wipe the sweat off your forehead. You've made it to Episode 3! This is Daring Dave's "endgame boss".

You are faced with 3 pedestals in front of you. You have 1 attempt to pick the real Eye of Ra. If you make the wrong choice, the game will remember your incorrect pick so the next time you enter, there will only be 2 pedestals.

On your 3rd visit to Episode 3, you are guaranteed to win the coveted Eye of Ra. Now you've won Daring Dave's Bonus Jackpot!! The ancient room is filled with gold coins and you are the new Master of Payouts!

If you haven't played Daring Dave and the Eye of Ra, we hope this site has helped you to make the right decision! You can't miss this amazing adventure slot.

Win the Bonus Jackpot!

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